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Want to Beat Stress or ADHD? Try Drumming!

Drum_circleAre you feeling stressed out? As I mentioned in my last post, stress can really take its toll on your body, mind, and spirit. The best way I’ve found to beat stress and improve focusing and clarity is drumming. It’s also a great tool for entrepreneurs!

Why drumming is different

There are many different practices that can help alleviate or eliminate stress such as deep breathing, meditation, yoga, tai chi, etc. However, for those of us who have difficulty sitting still and quieting our minds, nothing beats drumming.

As a percussionist, I discovered how energized and focused I felt when I drummed (either solo or in a band). The after-effect was calmness and improved clarity.  Of course, whacking on a drum (or drums) definitely helps with stress relief!

The experiment

I began wondering if there really is something to this drumming thing. I did some research and discovered that there are such things as drum therapy and therapeutic drumming and received training in each.

My first clients were students with ADHD issues. I began creating my own drumming techniques and added deep breathing, and affirmations to help calm my clients’ racing thoughts and release stress. They felt much better and were able to complete their math homework with 100% accuracy after just a few minutes of drumming. They were amazed!

I then began working with new entrepreneurs and people in transition. What they were doing wasn’t working and they felt overwhelmed, stressed out, and stuck. Some were dealing with a recent change in circumstances and had major ADHD issues. Drumming helped with all of that as well. I’ve even seen clients gain instant clarity during their first session!

Drum circle 1 _Remo
Photo courtesy of Remo Percussion

How it works

Drumming works much like occupational or music therapy. Certain repetitive movements can open up neural pathways, sync up the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and reduce pain and stress.  Drum therapy is also used in hospitals with cancer patients, since it has been known to reduce cancer cells.

The best part is, it’s fun! You don’t need to have any musical training; you just follow the beats or create your own.
*Photo courtesy of Remo Percussion.

Moving onto the Next Stage

After an accident, I discovered how overwhelming and frustrating dealing with medical providers can be. Most really don’t listen or try to uncover the underlying symptoms causing the problem.

They try to come up with a quick (and usually expensive) fix after a 10-minute office visit. No one wanted to address my concerns of side effects, downtime, etc. I wasn’t presented with many viable options.

So, I decided to use drumming to heal myself and others and created a holistic coaching program. It includes other components besides drumming and can be done in-person or virtual.

If you or someone you know would like to join me or find out more, click here.

View More: http://em-grey.pass.us/new-years-mini-sessions-dori-web-optimizedDori Staehle lives in the Raleigh, NC area and is a speaker, coach, author, drum chick, and Chief Encouragement Officer at Rock the Next Stage. She uses African drums and percussion instruments for healing, clarity, and pain and stress relief. Drumming, combined with holistic coaching , is used to move people forward. Her sessions can be in-person or virtual and are loads of fun!